What is a Root Operator?

A Root Operator is a volunteer that is running a Root Server. 

Root Server Operators (RSOs) know their root machines in-side-out, and they maintain their root files. They have to provide root access to Name-Servers used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and TLD Operators.

The Internet was designed to prevent the centralized control of resources by any group, organization or government. If you, or your provider, is resolving from the ICANN Root, you are limited to access only a part of all web sites available on the Internet. The ICANN Root is limited to only a fraction of the TLDs currently available on the Internet. If you, or your provider, is resolving from the Public-Root, you are able to access most of the web sites available on the Internet. The Public-Root contains 10 times more TLDs than the ICANN Root.

TLD.NAME believes that every individual Internet user has the right to access all web sites available on the Internet, and that no government has the right to determine what you may, or may not see.

That is why TLD.NAME has chosen to register TLDs in a root that is independent from the US Government. Every organization has an equal opportunity to operate a Public Root Server. Due to the increasing popularity of the public DNS, Public-Root erected a Public-Root Server Advisory Committee (PRSAC) that is to co-ordinate the geographical deployment, distribution, and testing of root systems in the Public DNS. PRSAC is currently looking for new Root Operators to extent the Public-Root server network.

If you would like to volunteer to run a Root-Server at your site, please click here to find out if you can become a Root-Operator too.

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