Upgrade your PC in order to see the whole Internet.

Modify the Name-Server settings
of your PC (or office network) manually.
( Suitable for all other operating systems )
Manual DNS Upgrade
ns1.public-root.net IP
ns2.public-root.net IP
Public Name-Servers are available to everyone.
If you need assistance, please click

You will be astonished to see how many web sites are already on-line,
with extensions you could never access before.

Make your choice and upgrade your PC now.
Then reboot your system and return here to check your PC.

Now you should be able to view ALL sites such as
www.water.world, www.automobile.saab and many more.

Upgrading is very easy and there is no harm in trying it.

Guaranteed: no ad ware, no spy ware, no plugin,
no extra memory usage, no software to install,
software running, no annoying ads, no masking, no pop-ups,
no spam, no cost, no tricks and no other strings attached.

Just access the whole Internet ! So there is absolutely no reason why you should not upgrade your PC.

Please direct any questions you might have to one of the 8 helpdesks available elsewhere on this web site.
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