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The INAIC is providing many public services, like:
Operating the global TLD WHOIS Database
Providing public DNS related tools and updates
Developing standards for the uniform naming of resources under cTLDs.
Publishing news and announcements on the delegation of new TLDs.
The INAIC Council approves, creates and delegates new TLDs


The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) is the official representative body for Public-Root, the next generation global Internet. The INAIC is an international, not-for-profit, consultancy body, organized and dedicated to the maintenance of public information resources that facilitate the coordination and resolution of global Top-Level Domain names through the Public-Root server system.

The INAIC ensures universal resolvability of the Public-Root so that all users of the Internet can connect to all web addresses of the Inclusive Name Space.

The INAIC preserves the operational stability of the global Internet by providing public access to the coordination, management and distribution of elements and identifiers used to delegate Top-Level Domains in the Public-Root system.

The INAIC verifies and provides authoritative data to Public-Root systems at the regional and local level. The INAIC encourages, participates and assists industry and government in deploying root systems to serve local users or regional interests.

The INAIC supports diversification and expansion of the Public-Root systems. Regional public servers improve the security and privacy of local Internet transactions, speed up query resolution, and reduce a local network’s dependence on a centralized root infrastructure.

Local or regional public root systems also facilitate compliance with information privacy legislation and regulations. The provisioning of public root infrastructure by the INAIC reduces potential security issues such as surveillance, redirection or intrusion of network traffic by unauthorized third parties.

As part of our mandate to coordinate the root system the INAIC operates the Public Root Directory Service WHOIS databases that support public access to contact and technical information on Top-Level Domains. Information resources include registration services, resource allocations, and the listing of technical elements such as Top-Level domain names, host names, Internet protocol numbers and unique identifiers used in the operation of the Public-Root system.

The INAIC is a global center that implements and develops policies on the coordination of the Internet's core technical elements. These elements used to resolve Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are essential to the proper operation of the domain name system (DNS).

Traditionally the administration of the Internet domain system was by informal or unwritten agreements. As the Internet evolved and grew in commercial importance and complexity it became apparent that an organization was needed to co-ordinate the delegation of TLD labels and associated technical elements. The INAIC was founded to address these issues and develop minimum standards for policy and formal agreements.

One of the INAIC's mandates is to work with other organizations involved in the technical coordination of the Internet. The INAIC formalizes agreements with these organizations to document their participation and commitment to the Public-Root system.

The INAIC has established formal agreements with leading international corporations.

Both the Public-Root and the INAIC are contributing to the development of next-generation Internet. Together, they have developed new standards for domain navigation in combination with the use of new TLDs.

Neither TLD.NAME nor Public-Root nor the INAIC intends to "govern" anything. Public-Root adheres to the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)'s goals of DNS stability, competition, private bottom-up coordination and representation but adds new core principles of decentralization and user control. The INAIC is a democratic organization that operates in an open and transparent basis to ensure the equal participation of all stakeholders. Policies developed by the INAIC are implemented through consensus or agreement.


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