Technical Needs

This is what a Registrar needs:

1) a TLD

First, a registrar needs a TLD to Register domain names under. Either you can Register a new TLD or take over an existing one.

 2) Registry Software.
You need to create a working web site that will allow others to register domain names. 
WebbCity is a manufacturer of Registry Software and sells custom made software Licences.
3) A dedicated Web Server.
You need a dedicated Server or Web-Hosting on a special Server connected to DNS Servers in order to run the Registry Software. CyberBunker is a Hosting Provider located in a former nuclear faclilty that offers these services.

4) TLD-Servers.

Once a TLD is created and added to the Public-Root it needs to be supported by at least
2 TLD-Servers. TLD-Servers answer authoritive for a TLD. The zone-file of a TLD-Server contain only addresses of Name-Servers. TLD.NAME is offering TLD services.
5) DNS-Servers.
To enable customers to use their registered domain names, you need 2 DNS-Servers
(Name-Servers) that are accepting zone file modifications of your registry server.
TLD.NAME is offering DNS services.

TLD.NAME has bulk contracts with the above mentioned companies, and that is why TLD.NAME can offer you these services in a  "Registrar Package" with up to 90% discount. If you want TLD.NAME to inform you about the fees of this "Registrar Package" please click here.
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