Resolve the Public-Root

Any Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the choice to up upgrade its Name-Servers and resolve the Public-Root. If you are an ISP and you have desided to provide resolution to the next generation Interent and the Inclusive Name Space, TLD.NAME would like to announce your DNS upgrade to the Public-Root and invite you to become known as Next Generation Internet ISP or Public ISP. Get your name listed in the Public ISP lists. Become a Public ISP today and provide resolution to the Next Generation Internet. Are you ready to receive more publicity, more exposure and more customers?

To become a public ISP and a Public-Root member is of course free of charge and there are no strings or obligations attached. You are able to quit being a public ISP any time you want.

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Access to and use of this service is a privilege, and it should be treated as such by all users.
If you use this service in ways that it was not intended for, your access to the service will be revoked.
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