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You are able to register your own TLD here including the millions of domain names (SLDs) under it !

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TLD.NAME is a trusted TLD Registrar for the registration and creation of Public TLDs (pTLDs) and Corporate TLDs (cTLDs). TLD.NAME is authorized by the Public-Root and TLD.NAME is approved & accredited by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC).

The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) Council is charged with the approval of creation of new TLDs. The INAIC Council will only consider requests for creation of new TLDs when requested through one of the accredited TLD Registrars like TLD.NAME. The INAIC Council shall not refuse to approve any new TLD, except for TLDs that might cause conflicts in the future.

TLD.NAME's TLD Registry allows any individual in the world, to online register a TLD as long as its name is available. However as part of the registration process, you are required to represent that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, neither the registration of the TLD name, nor the manner in which it will be directly or indirectly used will infringe the legal rights of a third party.

In order to submit your request for the creation of a new TLD to the INAIC Council, please check the availability first by entering your TLD name in the window below.

First Come, First Served
The First who registers a TLD, becomes the registrant. (First Come, First Served.) The time stamp of your request indicates the exact time of registration.
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