Pre-Register ?

There are many Registries available on the Internet. There are Registries that allow you to Pre-Register domain names. These Registries are certainly not Approved by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) and in most cases you will lose your money without registering your name.

  Pre-registering domain names does not guarantee you have secured
your name and someone else may already have registered that name
TLD.NAME would like to advice you:

Registrars approved & accredited by the INAIC will never offer you pre-registration. This is a kind of quality guarantee. You can be assured that you register a name that is available for immediate use and can be seen by all Internet users who have access to the Whole Internet. Such a registered name will guarantee you that you have secured your name and someone else is unable to register the same name.
  The INAIC is no Internet police and will not choose sides in a conflict between registrars and registrants. Every Registrar is free to conduct business the way it sees fit and there are no rules as to the height of registration fees or renewal fees etc. etc. However when you see a registry carries the INAIC Approved & Accredited logo on their web site, you do not have to worry about any form of malpractice. You can be assured of outstanding quality and excellent service.

Get a great name before it is taken, and use it immediately!

Internet Police
An unique and well sounding name is important for Internet users who are trying to find web sites. Short domain names will limit the chaos on the Internet and will improve access to web sites.
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