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Every Internet user (you) is using a Name-Server to find the domain names on the Internet.
Mostly that is the Name-Server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). All Name-Servers of
ISPs use a Root-Server to find Top Level Domains (TLDs).

  Most providers still use the old ICANN Root. ICANN decides when and what new TLDs are added to the ICANN Root-Servers. As we all know, this has proven to lead to an enormous chaos and shortage of available TLDs and domain names.

That is why TLD.NAME is registering TLD in an other Root-Server system. The Public-Root. This root has the capacity to include all the ICANN gTLDs as well as many more new pTLDs and cTLDs.

The INAIC Council decides what new TLDs are added to the Public Root-Servers. Because the Public-Root is capable of supporting many more TLDs than the ICANN Root, the shortage of available TLDs and domain names is something that will be soon belong to the past.

Conclusion: However many providers still use the limited ICANN Root, Public-Root is
capable of resolving many more Internet domains and is often referred to as the next generation Internet root.

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