Abstract as the Internet becomes increasingly critical to the world's social and
economic infrastructure, attention has rightly focused on the correct, safe, reliable,
and secure operation of the internet infrastructure itself. The Root-Servers are seen as
a crucial part of that technical infrastructure.

The primary goal of TLD.NAME is to provide a wider range of TLDs (Top Level Domains)
provided by a second global Root-Server system. The Public-Root.

The Public-Root system contains not only the old TLDs like .com .net and .org but also the
new TLDs like .city .center and .world. The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) informs the public about domain name registration services and supports a single, up-to-date, comprehensive compilation of all known TLDs actually resolving on the Internet. The Global TLD WHOIS database.

The Inclusive Name Space of Internet has grown in the last years. Now many thousands of new domain-names under new TLDs are working and operational. TLD.NAME is empowering people to extend the Internet.

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