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  Inclusive Name Space
Did you know that currently 6% of all Internet users already see the whole
Inclusive Name Space ?
The whole Internet
Inclusive Name Space

The 'Inclusive Name Space' does not refer to any of the companies that use a similar name.
It is a word.

The Internet's Inclusive Name Space is the complete structure of the names of computers (hostnames) through which they can find each other. Names make it easier to find Web-Sites on Web-Servers. Web sites usually have names that look like: or

The 'Inclusive Name Space' is the accumulation of all elements of all names of all servers
on the internet. The .com and .name extensions are called TLDs. A Root server
determines what TLDs you can see. Currently there are 2 major Root Systems in use:

The traditional root, the ICANN Root, is know to many Internet users all over the world. However, this root is limited to only a fraction of the Inclusive Name Space, because it allows access to a few TLDs only. However because it was the first, most Providers (ISPs) still use this root. The ICANN is not independent from the US Government.

2) The Public-Root, is an international independent root and is it's many associated public Internet bodies are not located in one single country. The Public-Root System contains all existing TLDs of all other Roots to be found on the internet and is the only Root System that offers its users access to the whole Inclusive Name Space.

Of course all gTLDs ever delegated by ICANN are included in the Public-Root. Internet users who use the Public-Root are able to see the whole Internet. They resolve all new TLDs including all the traditional ICANN TLDs.

If your provider is not using the Public-Root yet? You can always send them an notification mail or simply upgrade your PC yourself. Yes, it is very simple to upgrade your PC or workstation yourself. In short: You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, since the 'traditional' (ICANN) domains are also a part of the 'Inclusive Name Space'. By upgrading your PC you see the rest as well.

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