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You get an ERROR ?
Every time you attempt to access a next generation Internet web site or web page your browser will return an error, such as
The page cannot be found
or your browser will get you to an unwanted search engine.

While the next generation Internet is getting more popular, it will happen more over that you will be unable to see certain web sites. To avoid this from happening, please upgrade your PC.
Check Internet Access

Next Generation Internet domains are available everywhere in the world. It depends on your Internet Provider if you are able to see these Public TLDs (pTLDs) or not. If you are using an Internet Access Provider who resolves from the ICANN Root, you may not be able to resolve many of the new public domains.
Internet2 or Next Generation Internet is a term used by governments, corporations and educators to describe the future network and the work underway to develop it. This Internet will be so pervasive, reliable and transparent that we'll all just take it for granted. The Public-Root makes it possible for you to resolve ALL domains under ALL TLDs anywhere in the world.
Check here if you are able to see the next generation Internet.
If you see an error, you cannot see any public TLDs. Then you need to convince your access provider to upgrade its DNS-Servers or upgrade your PC yourself.  

You are an Internet user and you get an ERROR ?

You can do 2 things:

  1. Notify your provider and wait until your provider has upgraded its DNS-Servers. Then you and all other subscribers can see the whole Internet.

  2. Learn how to upgrade your PC yourself. Then you can see the whole Internet.

The public Internet is intended to be an addition and not a replacement for the current
Internet, however without the need of a separate physical network.
If you are an Internet Provider that would like to have more information about how to enable DNS-Servers to resolve from Public-Root, please click here.

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