Become a Root Operator

All Root-Servers in the world are operated by volunteers. The Public-Root Servers too.
The Public-Root consists of a global Root Server network of 13 Root-Servers and many instances (mirrors) to support public DNS on a global scale. Every organization has an equal opportunity to operate a Public Root Server. Due to the increasing popularity of the public DNS, Public-Root erected a Public-Root Server Advisory Committee (PRSAC) that is coordinating the geographical deployment, distribution, and testing of root systems in the Public DNS. PRSAC is currently looking for more volunteers to extent the Public-Root server network.

To become a Root Operator you will need:

  • 1 spare Linux Server.
  • 1 Available IP address.
  • A location to host your Root Server
  • Knowledge about Linux Servers
  • Knowledge about DNS
  • To be available in case of emergencies

If you are in an area with many Internet Users and ISPs and no Root-Server deployed in the vicinity, please consider to become a Public Root Operator.

A Public-Root Operator may not be commercially involved with TLD.NAME, Public-Root,
The INAIC, UCDA or any other public Internet body.

If you would like to volunteer to run a Root-Server, please submit your request here.

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