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A registrar manages the registration of domain names (SLDs) under one or more TLDs.
Become a Registrar?

It is not very difficult to become a Domain Name Registrar. In order to manage Domain Names
under a TLD yo
u need a TLD, or you need authorization of the holder of a TLD.
That's all.

However if you do not have a TLD, and do not have authorization of a TLD holder to start a registry, you need to register a new TLD first.
The INAIC Council is charged with the delegation and approval of new TLDs in the Public-Root. All TLDs registered though TLD.NAME are approved by the INAIC Council.

When you have a TLD, you can start builing a registry web site. TLD.NAME has tools available to help you building your registry.

A Soon as you have a web site online that allows anyone to register domain names
that are available for immediate use, please inform us immediately. We will check your registry and (if everything is working fine) we will apply the 'INAIC approved & accredited' status for you.
You have become a domain name Registrar under a public TLD.

If you have any questions about registrars, or about the INAIC approval, please contact our dedicated registrar helpdesk

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