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There is really no need to be afraid when you going to see the whole Internet. It's just a matter of upgrading your PC, as easy as 1,2,3 and anyone can do it!

There are of course always individuals who are always afraid of the unknown. Are you afraid of the Internet of tomorrow?

TLD.NAME guarantees the continuation of all domain names that are currently accessible. By upgrading you will continue to see the web sites you see right now, and on top of that many more, that could not be seen (until now). You will see the whole Internet!Your PC will be able to see the whole Internet including all next generation domains.

Are there any strings attached ?

Guaranteed: no ad ware, no spy ware, no plugin,
no extra memory usage, no software to install,
software running, no annoying ads, no masking,
no pop-ups,
no spam, no cost, no tricks, no subscription,
no registration and no other strings attached.

You will keep on seeing all the domains that you where seeing before the upgrade. Nothing will change and the function of all the web sites you know, will stay exactly the same.

After upgrading you will have access to all you have seen before including all of the next generation Internet domains too.

Is it free ?

Public-Root is founded by the same people who originally started the Internet. The founders believe that the use of Internet should be totally free and available to anyone. The goal of TLD.NAME is to make the whole Internet available to everyone in the world 100% free of charge.

Is there a reason not to see the
whole Internet?

This part of the Internet is relatively new. This means that there are less pirates, spammers, hackers and other scum active than at the overcrowded .com Internet. You (still) do not have to worry about commercial pop ups or annoying adds etc. etc. Everyone who is using next generation email knows that most spammers are unable to send spam to these Email-2 accounts.
Actually there a no disadvantages using the whole Internet. There is absolutely no reason why you should not access the whole Internet. Do not be afraid for the unknown. The new part of the Internet if a whole lot more friendly than the part you are using rught now. Just download or open the Internet2 Upgrade. It just enables you to access the whole Internet. Nothing more. So there is absolutely no reason why you should not upgrade your PC right now.
So do not waste any more time and
upgrade now!
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