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Every ISP is able to upgrade its Name-Servers to enable its users to access all TLDs.

Access to all TLDs?

Every Internet Service Provider (ISP) is able to upgrade its Name-Servers to enable its users to access all TLDs.

ISPs who resolve from the ICANN Root provide only access to a fraction of the Internet. These ISPs decided to point it's Name-Servers to the ICANN Root and limit themselves and customers to see very much of the the next generation Internet.
2) ISPs who resolve from the Public-Root provide the same Internet services like the ISPs described above. However they not only provide access to the ICANN Root, but also to the next generation Internet. Those ISPs that have already upgraded their DNS are referred to as next generation ISPs.
  TLD.NAME supports freedom of speech and therefore supports the Public-Root. The Public-Root Root Servers are available to all ISPs, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

There are no obligations, member fees or other strings attached.
Please click here for technical details.
Resolving from Public-Root does not say anything about having a faster data stream neither does it include access to other IP ranges. It only resolves all domains under all (non colliding) TLDs (including all pTLDs and cTLDs) in existence.
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