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Through TLD.NAME many new TLDs have been registered.
The Public-Root resolves ALL TLDs on a global scale

About Us

TLD.NAME is an INAIC accredited TLD Registrar that allows anyone to on-line register new Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Through TLD.NAME many new TLDs have been registered. TLDs that meet the market's demands for more web addresses having logical, easy-to-remember extensions.

The Internet is growing and changing more rapidly than anyone could have predicted. TLD.NAME allows you or your organization to grow with it. Our on-line TLD registration service and support staff facilitates your transition to the next generation Internet. Now any individual, group or organization are able to register TLDs and operate them.

TLD extensions enable organizations and individuals with the power to create web addresses that more clearly describe their products, services, or activities. Although there are organizations that benefit from shortage of good and descriptive domain names, TLD.NAME empowers the Internet community with the infrastructure and facilities to create domain names that are unique and descriptive.

Who is delegating what?
IANA delegates two character country code TLDs (ccTLDs), like .uk, .us, .fr, and .de
ICANN delegates generic TLDs (gTLDs), like .com, .net, .org, .gov, .int, .edu and .mil
TLD.NAME delegates corporate TLDs (cTLDs) like .saab, .vangelis, .tomtom and .kia
TLD.NAME also delegates public TLDs (pTLDs), like .world, .airport, .news and .center

The Public-Root resolves ALL of these TLDs on a global scale. The Public-Root is the only root system that provides direct access to the WHOLE Internet. The Public-Root services are free of charge and available anywhere in the world. That means you are able to access all of the Internet's publicly owned and operated TLDs.

TLD.NAME empowers you to control your own resources and domain space infrastructures. Use the excellent services of TLD.NAME to register your TLD now.

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